Davis Patient in NCRA Modified Victory

Tyler Davis waited until it was ‘go time,’ took the lead with five to go and held on to win the National Championship Racing Association of Park City, Kansas presented by Precise Racing Products Modified feature Saturday night at 81 Speedway in Park City.

Corey Lagoon and two-time and defending tour champion Dan Powers paced the field to start the twenty-five lap feature and when the green flag fell, Powers jumped into the lead.

Lagroon, Ross Shipman, Ryan McAninch were the top five after the first lap was complete with Powers opening up a five car length lead.

Powers was stretching his advantage before the first of three cautions fell when Cody Schniepp spun in turn two on lap five.

Lineup on the restart saw Powers on the point with Lagroon, Shipman, Davis and Jason McGehee doubled up behind him on the restart. Davis took advantage of the restart to pass Shipman and Lagroon for the runner-up position and followed Powers line up top while working the bottom of three and four while the leader stayed up high.

Powers would continue to hold off Davis before the caution fell at the races midway point when Joe Cleveland spun in turn two.

The restart saw third running Tanner Mullens, who started tenth, get by Davis for the runner-up position and stay one car length behind the leader.

The front runners set a torrid pace out front utilizing the top side of the track for the next seven laps before the final caution fell on lap seventeen when Schniepp spun again in turn two.

On the final restart with Powers still up front, Davis got back by Mullens for second and was one car length behind the leader. With five laps to go and Powers still running up top, Davis dove low entering turns one and two and executed a perfect slide job to take the lead going down the backstretch.

That was all the former series champion needed as he went on to claim the victory.

“I just waited for the laps to wind down before I showed myself,” said Davis. “We got fortunate to start up top on that last restart and the car worked great for us. Got to thank Dave Gaggero with Waste Link; Freight Logistics; MBI; Chemwash; Diva Dogs as well as Scott Green and Brent Thomas for their help.”

Powers would settle for second while McAninch and McGehee came home third and fourth respectively.

Former five-time series champion Brian Franz suffered a flat tire on a front stretch tangle on the original start and had to restart at the tail of the field. The Halstead, Kansas veteran worked through the field and would come home with a fifth place finish.

NCRA Modifieds

81 Speedway/Park City, Kansas

May 27, 2017

42 Cars

1st Heat: 1) Brian Frank, 2) Jason McGehee, 3) Corey Lagroon, 4) Ken Sweet, 5) Rodney Chaffin, 6) Cecil Dymond, 7) Jake Nightingale, 8) Erick Chesterman, 9) Gary Kilbourn

2nd Heat: 1) Tyler Davis, 2) Cody Schniepp, 3) Joe Cleveland, 4) Tanner Mullens, 5) Beau Smith, 6) Nic Baalman, 7) Brandon Massey, 8) Johnny Whitmore, 9) Edward Leery

3rd Heat: 1) Kyle Rohledger, 2) Kirby Robe, 3) Ross Shipman 4) Scott Green, 5) Dean Brungardt 6) Patrick McManus, 7) Marc Hurd, 8) Bryce Schniepp

4th Heat: 1) Dan Powers, 2) Marc Robe, 3) Josh Lanterman, 4) T.J. Tolan 5) Clint McFadden, 6) Cody Gearhart, 7) Kyler Kempt, 8) Barry Maupin

5th Heat: 1) Alan Blevins, 2) Ryan McAninch, 3) Travis Govern, 4) Jon Herring, Jr., 5) J.D. Choate, 6) Kendall Kemp, 7) Heath Myers, 8) Tommy Carter

C Feature: 1) Clint McFadden, 2) Cecil Dymond, 3) Beau Davis, 4) Brandon Massey, 5) Kendall Kemp, 6) Jake Nightingale, 7) Nic Baalman, 8) J.D. Choate, 9) Kyler Kemp, 10) Bryce Schniepp, 11) Dean Brungardt, 12) Erick Chesterman, 13) Tommy Carter, 14) Rodney Chaffin, 15) Heath Myers, 16) Patrick McManus, 17) Cody Gearhart, 18) Barry Maupin, 19) Gary Kilbourn, 20) Marc Hurd, 21) Edward Leecy, 22) Johnny Whitmore

B Feature: 1) Alan Blevins, 2) Josh Lanterman, 3) Kyle Rohleder, 4) Jon Herring, Jr., 5) Scott Green, 6) Ken Sweet, 7) T.J. Tolan, 8) Travis Govern, 9) Marc Robe, 10) Cecil Dymond, 11) Clint McFadden, 12) Brandon Massey, 13) Beau Smith, 14) Kyler Kemp, 15) Nic Baalman, 16) Jake Nightingale, 17) J.D. Choate, 18) Kendall Kemp, 19) Kirby Robe, 20) Bryce Schniepp

A Feature (25 Laps): 1) Tyler Davis, 2) Dan Powers, 3) Tanner Mullens, 4) Jason McGehee, 5) Brian Franz, 6) Josh Lanterman, 7) Ross Shipman, 8) Corey Lagroon, 9) Ryan McAninch, 10) Ken Sweet, 11) Scott Green, 12) Alan Blevins, 13) Travis Govern, 14) Cecil Dymond, 15) Marc Robe, 16) Kyle Rohleder, 17) Jon Herring, Jr., 18) Cody Schniepp, 19) Joe Cleveland, 20) T.J. Tolan

by David Smith Jr.

Photo by Dusty Wiegert